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The Granfiesta House Oropesa

Experience a pleasant, sunny winter

Granfiesta offers a pleasant, comfortable possibility to winter in Spain with all the comforts of home. The Granfiesta House rents out 200 apartments in the Dorada building and the nearby building Rafael Alberti , close to the pedestrian boulevard and the beach. There are special facilities for elderly in the Granfiesta House.
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140 luxery apartements

Next to the beach

The Granfiesta House consists of 200 2- and 3-room apartments with always 2 bathrooms, a whirlpool, a balcony with a seat and sea view. The complex has its own swimming pool. You can ask the helpdesk when you need something, you can even rent bikes and in a holiday resort like Oropesa del Mar you will experience a splendid time.

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